Welcome to my brand new website!

Yes I know, I’ve changed my website again, you can’t keep up! But in order to keep growing with the expectations of my clients and web users I need to keep moving up in the world, so here it is. A much simpler, straight forward sports massage focused website which I have my lovely wife to thank for. Her website is rsdigitalandcreative.co.uk if anyone would like their own website updating or any digital marketing consultancy. Shameless plug there.

You may also notice that I no longer offer personal training as a service, other than my existing PT clients I will no longer be offering it as a service going forward. The reason being is that there is a much greater need for a good quality sports/deep tissue massage therapist in east Leeds therefore I have decided to make that that my long term goal in business.

With that said, I hope you like the new site and find it easy to use, although feel free to leave any recommendations for improvements. I’m always looking to find new ways to develop and make things easier for new and existing clients.